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[sticky post]Author's Notes: Incidental and Inconsequential
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If you read my work on Archive of Our Own, you may be familiar with my two Yami no Matusei fafiction series, Incidental and Inconsequential. These two series exist in the same universe, in the same general time frame, with the same contingencies. This is reflected in their titles, which are synonymous, and is explicitly stated in each series description. They are broken into two different series for two different reasons.

The first being that they have different focuses: Incidental focuses on Tsuzuki and Hisoka on their character growth in this universe while Inconsequential focuses on Tatsumi and Watari and their respective character development. That isn't to say Tatsumi and Watari don't show up in stories in the Incidental series, or Hisoka and Tsuzuki in Inconsequential, but their appearances don't necessarily advance their storyline, even if their character does develop within the piece.

The second reason these series are split is because all of the stories don't fit into a nice, neat "read in this order" timeline. They are more like two parallel timeline that occasionally overlap. Sometimes the overlap is in the form of a shared story, one that is essential to each storyline, and these pieces will be tagged as being part of both series*. Other times, there will be two similar but divergent stories, detailing the different reactions to an even that is essential to each storyline.

At the moment, both series have been uploaded out of order. Inversion is the most obvious example of this, taking place at least 5 stories after Undertow. Future updates to each series should follow the sequence of events to better show the evolution of the characters. Whether you read them in that order is entirely up to you.

Below is a rough timeline of the two series, showing where they overlap and where they diverge and approximately when each piece occurs between both series. I say approximately because for most of the stories it really doesn't matter if they are occurring before or after or simultaneously as stories in the other series. That's more or less up to interpretation. Also, the outline does not take into account time that passes between each story, as the time skips in between are not consistent. But it gives an idea, for those of you that are wondering. This list will be updated as stories are uploaded.

Incidental Shared Events Inconsequental
Devil's Trill Arc
Seating Arrangements
Kyoto Arc
More Than a Footnote
Terms of Agreement

*For the record, I LOVE that AO3 gives me this option. I was totally unaware of it when I started these, and it is more than I could have hoped for. <3


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