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Lord Help Us-- I'm Writing a Cross Over
I don't like cross overs. I avoid them like the plague. I don't read them. I don't even consider reading them. And I certainly don't write them.

But then I stumbled upon the T and B Anon Meme, and someone provided the prompt for a Yami no Matsuei and Tiger & Bunny crossover. I looked at it for a while, intrigued, and moved on. Days later, when I was supposed to be grading papers, fragments of a plot started to flutter into view. I now have pages of notes, outlining plot points, character interactions, key details for merging both universes, timeline of events, character ages, categorizing supernatural abilities... I have a title. And I have 3.5 pages of this saga already written.

What is wrong with me?! XD

I have a bunch of other projects I should be working on (including finishing up the school year, eep!), but this damn project won't leave me alone. Oh well. What can ya do when inspiration strikes?

This story will not be uploaded to AO3 until it is completed and edited, but I will be mirroring the posts from the meme here, on my journal. I will also be uploading the copious amounts miscellaneous information about the universe, characters, backgrounds, etc. by way of Author's Notes. So there is that to look forward to.

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Why don't you like crossovers? I love them! :D
I guess I should quickly get into the Tiger & Bunny fandom now so that I can read (and understand) your story... ^_^

Well, I guess I kinda lied. There are, like 2, that I enjoyed; this one (FAKE/Yami no Matsuei), and a Junjou Romantica/Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, and Sekai is a spin off series, so things were already canonly connected.

I guess my problem has been that the cross overs I have read do not have a compelling reason for the series to overlap. Many of them seem to have series slapped together because, omigawd all my favorite characters should have a passionate bromance/orgy/battle/whatever, and the plot seems to suffer for it. I can overlook weak extenuating circumstances for the crossover if everything else is strong, but when the plot's meh and the character development/growth is lacking... Maybe I'm just reading the wrong stuff. :P Any recommendations?

I have been so nervous about connecting the two series in a meaningful way, not just "Oh hey, we vacation at the same spot!" (not that there's anything wrong with that...), because I wouldn't want to read that. And since I'm been building a serious storyline, I have been meticulously planning out supernatural power classifications, ages of main characters, characterization, timeline of events, trying to reconcile the fact one series takes place in 1978 and the other in 1997 (no choice but to ignore canon there), and about a billion other minute details that will lend credibility and authenticity to the combined universe I'm creating. Man oh man is this a lot of work! XD

Oh, and I will be working on this for a while. You have a ridiculous amount of time to watch the series if you decide you want to resd along. :P And I'm flattered you would cinsider watching an anime to understand my work. *blush*

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Oh I know that FAKE/Yami no Matsuei crossover, I really like that one! :) I find it sad that there aren't many crossovers with FAKE, at least not many that are good, finished AND with a fandom that I like, lol! My favourite one though is this one: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6700699/1/Mind-switching-phenomenon

It's a FAKE/Harry Potter crossover ^_^

I have several crossover ideas for FAKE and Harry Potter too, as well as for FAKE and Larry Stylinson. My sister is a big Larry fan and kind of dragged me into that fandom as well xD We even thought about writing a FAKE/Larry crossover together, like an RPG, but sadly she's very busy with school at the moment...

Oh I wanted to watch Tiger & Bunny anyways so this is just another motivation to finally start watching it ;D (although I'm already watching Hannibal at the moment, but I guess two series at the same time never hurt anyone ^_^)

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