a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory

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Author's Notes: Commiseration
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-sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others; compassion
-expressions of sympathy and sorrow for another



I am so glad to be done with this. I have been working on this on and off for a month. Tsuzuki and Watari just did not want to have sex. Everything I wrote was so awkward until this past week. I am fairly certain the fact that Watari was talked into it begrudgingly contributed to this fact. But then something clicked, and this story became much longer and more in-depth than I had planned.

Tsuzuki and Watari have a long standing relationship as platonic lovers (sounds so much nicer than friends with benefits, doncha think?). The sex is “casual”, in that they are not in a romantic relationship, but they very much love each other. While they have had nights of passion due to drunkenness, general horniness, and boredom, Tsuzuki also seeks out Watari when he is depressed, questioning his humanity, or after particularly difficult cases. At these times, Watari does everything he can to remind Tsuzuki he is loved and he is human and he did everything he could. He makes love to Tsuzuki and holds him while he falls apart.

But these two are also pretty goofy. And because they are so comfortable with one another, that slips through, even during these emotional love making sessions. Hopefully you’ll feel these mood shifts flowed naturally. I just can’t imagine them not teasing each other as they go. And, in my experience, sometimes you really need those moments to break the tension before it smothers you both.

And yes, Watari likes to wear panties. He acts particularly sassy on these days.


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