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Author's Notes: Reigisa Week
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Reigisa Week

This fic got its own A/N post, before I thought to lump these all together. You can read all about it here.

I’m Never Getting Laid Again
This may or may not have been inspired by something that happened to me. My life is apparently full of ridiculous material to pull from. That’s really all you need to know. Oh. And you know you’ve found the right partner when sex goes horribly wrong, and you’re both laughing about it shortly after.

Open to Interpretation

I am a big fan of the Little Mermaid. It’s one of my favorite movies. I got into a heated debate over the movie in college. The one person was arguing that Ariel is a terrible role model for girls and that no one should watch the movie because it is all about women giving up their agency for men. I can see how they would interpret it that way. But, as shippers would know, you can interpret things any way you goddamn please. ;)

I choose to focus on the themes that Nagisa and Rei discussed. Ariel was the first princess to actively go out and find her prince, instead of waiting for him to find her. She was uncomfortable in her body, unhappy with her life, and she took the steps to make the change. I think The Little Mermaid could be a great tool for introducing and encouraging discussion about transgender issues to both children and adults.

It isn’t stated, but Nagisa is genderfluid, which is why he is so emotional over Rei’s interpretation. I wrote this imagining it as another passage in Amorphous and another way for Rei to show his support and acceptance of trans individuals. Feel free interpret (haha, I slay me) Nagisa’s response differently if genderfluid Nagisa isn’t your thing.

Standard Introduction

So I happened across this lovely comic on tumblr and nearly melted. I love ballroom dance. I’m not very good at it (it takes me forever to learn the steps), but I loved loved LOVED the ballroom dance classes I took in college and I plan on taking more once I move. You know what I love more than ballroom dancing? Couples ballroom dancing (especially for those Latin sets, amirite?). And what’s even better? Same sex couples ballroom dancing.

I plan on making this a full, multi-chaptered fic eventually. But in case that day is far off, and you’re dying for a synopsis:
When they were younger, Haru, Rin, Makoto, Nagisa, and Gou all belonged to the same dance school. Before he moved away to attend a specialized dance academy, Rin and Haru were dance partners; Rin was the lead and Haru the follow. When Rin left, Haru stopped dancing. Makoto stopped with him.

Nagisa talks Haru, Makoto, and Gou into starting a ballroom dance club at school. Haru agrees to join, under the condition that he will not dance any of the International Latin dances (samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, and jive), which are what he danced with Rin. He becomes Makoto’s partner and they compete with the International Standard dances (waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep).

Nagisa and Kou dance the International Standard dances together, until Gou injures her ankle and can no longer dance in the current competition season. The gang has difficulty finding a replacement dancer (not to mention additional team members). Nagisa sets his sights on Rei, despite the fact that Rei is already a high jumper on the track team. Rei joins the team but can’t dance to save his life. Hijinks ensue as they teach him…

At first, Rin dances with Nitori in the International Latin category as the lead. But he wants to compete against Haru so he pairs up with Seijuro to dance the International Standard set as the follow. Who will win this epic dance off?!
I haven’t decided yet. ;)
Fun fact: Did you know three-person tango is a thing?


This was my least favorite prompt. I hate winter. I mean, the season is nice enough on its own, and the snow and ice can be quite beautiful. But between the holidays and the lack of sunlight, my depression near constant. Winter is just hell for me emotionally, and I did not want to write about that.

But I didn’t want to skip the prompt either. I challenged myself to complete something for each prompt and, dammit, I was going to do it. What came to mind next was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and I figured I could run with that. I always use music, both out loud and in my head, to help me calm down and refocus. It keeps me motivated when working out and distracted from my own thoughts. It became my head canon that Rei uses music to drown out his theories and to swim instinctively. When I found out that some competitive swimmers play music in their head to help them swim, I was giddy as fuck.
So this happened. I don’t love it, but I like having Rin interact with Nagisa. He puts on a tough face, but we all know Rin’s a big sap.

Play With Me

I like reading desert AUs and all, but I could not get inspired to write one to save my life. I’m pretty positive just about every person ever has Nagisa as a dancer and/or in the sultan’s harem in these, and he just about always seduces Rei via dancing. Which is cool. Fun to read. Just not what I wanted to write.

I thought this prompt over for days, trying to figure out how to fill it without going the AU route. Being the nerd that I am, table top gaming came to mind. The more I thought of it, the more I freaking loved it. I had to force myself to stop writing, because I totally could have written the whole encounter.
I imagined the gang playing Anima, because I loved my Anima characters so freaking much. :P I even have character classes and background info!

Nitori: DM.
The first years become closer over the summer, and Nagisa somehow it gets out that Nitori likes table top gaming. Nagisa encourages him to set up a game and that he and Rei and Gou would play with him. Rin finds Nitori’s notes and game manuals when cleaning his desk (again) and starts flipping through them. Nitori is mortified when he comes back and realizes what Rin’s reading. Rin tells him it looks good and that he wants in, and that Makoto and Haru will play too (Haru is not happy he was spoken for, but Makoto agrees it sounds like fun). They play once every other week (so it doesn’t interrupt their studies too much) after joint practice. Nitori is a very skilled DM, and really comes out of his shell when leading their sessions.

Kou: GOU, ranger.
GOU is a female character but purposefully presents masculine. She was born to nobility, but had no desire to be a proper lady and spent a lot of time in the woods near her house. She wants to be taken seriously and seen for her accomplishments as an individual; she wants to be seen as good, not “good for a woman”. She will use her gender to her advantage though, particularly when she wants to be underestimated or otherwise go unnoticed. She is uninterested in any relationships.

Rei: REI, wizard.
REI is a male character who is a scholar. He seeks out knowledge and prefers nonviolent interventions whenever possible. When a fight is unavoidable, he quickly calculates the most effective way to eliminate the threat and holds nothing back. He is fascinated by GOU and studies her closely. Rei has determined GOU is the most likely love interest for REI, though his acts of affection are subtle so as not to offend her.

Nagisa: NAGISA, shadow.
NAGISA is a male dancer at the brothel the party is raiding. Nagisa didn’t feel like figuring out a back story (“That’s too much woooooork Ai-chan!”), so not much is known about NAGISA’s life prior to the brothel. It is unknown whether NAGISA became a dancer by choice, or if he was forced into it. He likes dancing though, and is highly sought after. He is good at going undetected and will use his sensuality to his advantage and distract his opponents to strike first.

Haru: HARU, wizard mentalist.
HARU is a minor water god. He has psychic abilities and specializes in water based magic. He joined the party because MAKOTO asked him to. He comes across as unfeeling and indifferent.

Makoto: MAKOTO, paladin.
MAKOTO is a natural leader, the grounding force of the party, and ultimately determines what actions they will take (though RIN with argue tooth and nail that he is the leader). He holds himself to a high set of moral standards and has dedicated himself persuading others to do the same. MAKOTO encountered HARU while helping a fishing village clear evacuate as a storm threatened to destroy it. HARU was wandering along the shore, untouched by the storm surges that swept away everything else. Thinking HARU was a wizard, MAKOTO pleaded for HARU to protect the village. HARU ended up stopping the storm entirely. MAKOTO begged HARU to join him on his quest.

Rin: RIN, tao.
RIN is a martial artist who specializes in unarmed combat. He is brash and quick tempered, but can usually finish the fights he starts impulsively. He come across MAKOTO and HARU and is annoyed that a powerful water god is following a loser like MAKOTO. He challenges MAKOTO to a fight to try to convince HARU to join him instead. They are evenly matched, despite MAKOTO’s armor and weapon advantages. RIN wins the spar by a hair and demands that HARU come with him. HARU says he wants to be with both of them. RIN butts heads with MAKOTO a lot.

AmorphousThis will have it's own A/N post shortly.


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