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Author's Notes: Extemporaneous
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written for Reigisa Week
Prompt 1: First Kiss

Extemporaneous was inspired by something that actually happened to me. I think the story is hilarious. So I'ma retell it here. I wrote it exactly as I would tell it out loud, because I could. Enjoy. :P

Background knowledge: I have younger sisters. One of them dated my best friend for a while when we were all in high school. They were dating at the time this all went down.

I was a socially awkward kid. Hell, I still am socially awkward. Most of my friends were socially awkward too. My sister and I were having some sort of party. I think it was one of our depression parties (we threw them when one or more of us were depressed and needed cheering up). Regardless, there was a good number of people over between my sister's friends and my own. It was summer and the sun had already set, so we went outside on the driveway to watch the stars and stuff. All 10 to 15 of us wound up playing truth or dare.

I left the game momentarily to get a drink or use the bathroom or something. As I'm walking back to the circle, I hear someone dare my best friend to kiss me. Now, we've kissed before in previous games. So I'm like, whatever. Let's do this. He stands up from the circle and starts moving towards me. Next thing I know, he's throwing himself at me. He literally tackles me to the ground as he kisses me forcefully. And then he throws in some tongue, because why not? He's only dating my sister and all. It was sloppy and wet and, frankly, kinda awkward.

It's worth noting that I had been pining after him for about 4 years at this point. I've never told him, and he's an oblivious dork, so he has no idea, even though basically everyone else in the world does (I'm not all that subtle). So when he pulls back from the kiss, and I realize what just happened, I panic. My best friend, the guy I am in love with, just had his tongue in my mouth. I just got further with my sister's boyfriend that she had (and ever will). When he gets off of me, everyone is watching us, a few of them catcalling and whistling at us. And I blurt out "You are a terrible kisser."

Smooth right?

He blushes a bit as people break into laughter and apologizes. I suddenly realize how much of a dick move it was to call him out on his kiss. I nearly add "I'd be happy to help you fix that problem," because my friends make sexual jokes all the time and as I said I wasn't subtle with my flirting. But then I remember my sister, his girlfriend, is sitting not too far away. So I don't say anything. We both go back to the truth or dare circle and everyone just keeps playing.

I have since apologized for being a bitch that night.

That was kinda long. Whoops. Hope you were amused anyways.


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